Policy Documents

In Young Fine Gael, we pride ourselves on developing policies which seek to develop a brighter future for our young people, one which is built on providing opportunity for all, and where every young person has the power to fulfil their potential. If implemented, we believe that our ambitious ideas, built on sensible centre-right policy foundations, would set about the journey to an Ireland that is modern, progressive and inclusive, which addresses many of society’s problems and delivers Ireland’s young people a future they can be proud of.

Our members work hard to produce top-class policy documents as often as we can.

Click on any of the links below to find out what Young Fine Gael stands for now – and what we have stood for throughout the last number of years:

January 2024: YFG One Island Committee – Transport Document

YFG Pre-Budget Submission, September 2023: YFG_PreBudget_24

July 2023: YFG Term Plan

June 2023: Building a Just Republic

November 2022: The Future of Irish-Chinese Relations 

August 2022: YFG Pre-Budget Submission 23

July 2022: YFG Summer School 2022 Clár

February 2022: YFG Constitution – as adopted by the 2021 National Conference

September 2021: YFG Pre-Budget Submission 21

April 2021: Housing: A Voice in Youth Policy

April 2021: Young Fine Gael National Conference Itinerary

February 2021:Young Fine Gael Women’s Network

February 2021:The Role of a YFG Diversity & Inclusion Officer

February 2021: EU Reform: Building a Stronger Union

January 2021: Climate Action Plan: Realisable Sustainability

November 2020: Transport Action Plan

August 2020: Pre-Budget Submission 2020

February (General Election) 2020: Youth Manifesto

November 2019: YFG Constitution – as adopted by the 2019 National Conference.

November 2019: Fine Gael Intercultural Document

September 2019: Pre-Budget Submission 2019

April 2019: “A Supportive Education System for the LGBTI+ Community” Document

February 2019: “Building a Stronger European Union” Document

February 2019: “Building an Inclusive Island” Document

January 2019: “Securing Ireland in an Uncertain World” Defence Document

October 2018: Pre-Budget Submission 2018

December 2017: “Mental Health Policy Document

October 2017: Pre-Budget Submission 2017

September 2017: Agricultural & Rural Affairs Pre-Budget Submission Document

Framework on Inclusion Equality Integrity_May 2020