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Young Fine Gael (YFG) is the politically autonomous yet integral youth wing of the Fine Gael party, maintaining its independence to advance political representation and objectives of the youth of Ireland through the vehicle of Fine Gael.

We are committed to our shared values of the Fine Gael party: equality of opportunity, enterprise and reward, safety and security in our society, while insisting integrity and ambition are at the core of our actions. YFG has non-college branches in every Dáil constituency and college branches in third level institutions on the island of Ireland.

The YFG Constitution is amended and endorsed at every Young Fine Gael National Conference. The most recent iteration was adopted at the 2019 Conference.



The National Executive work together to achieve organisational, policy and campaign objectives as voted on by our members.


Art O'Mahony (Kerry YFG)

Art is a 22 year-old Kerryman living in Dublin. A graduate of UCC, he works as a policy analyst in the charities sector, as well as being a guitar teacher. His favourite band is Fleetwood Mac, his preferred pint is Guinness and his hero is Michael Collins.

Vice President

Shane Dolphin (Patrick Hogan Galway East YFG)

National Secretary

Director of Campaigns

Director of Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion

Director of Membership and Organisational Development

Director of Communications and Social Media

Director of Recruitment

Dublin Regional Organiser

Leinster Regional Organiser

Munster Regional Organiser

North West Regional Organiser


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