YFG support Macra na Feirme Protest

Young Fine Gael Stand Firm Behind Macra na Feirme Steps for the Future Campaign
Young people have the right to build homes, farms, and futures where they grew up.’ ‘

Young Fine Gael voiced their support of the Macra na Feirme Steps for the Future Campaign.

Young Fine Gael President Eoghan Gallagher said:

“Fine Gael in government have made serious strides in supporting rural Ireland, such as the creation
of and huge funding from the Department of Rural Affairs, and a fruitful focus on creating jobs in
rural Ireland. These successes must not be squandered by avoiding issues such as rural planning, a lack of transport infrastructure, or farm succession schemes.

The Macra na Feirme campaign highlights issues YFG have been and will continue to raise with our
senior party colleagues, right to up the party leader An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.”

The Galwayman concluded:

“Young people have the right to build homes, farms, and futures where they grew up, and we in YFG will endeavour to ensure barriers to this are removed.”

YFG North-West Regional Organiser and part-time farmer Sean Martyn added:
“With recent focus on climate action, it must be noted that Ireland is one of the most efficient
producers of food in the world. Young farmers are the most likely to invest in climate-friendly
technologies and must be adequately supporting in doing so. The government must channel the
spirit of the first Minister for Agriculture, Fine Gael’s Patrick Hogan of ‘one more cow, one more sow, one more acre under the plough.’”

This comes on the back of supportive comments by Fine Gael Senator Regina Doherty, stating in Seanad Eireann:

“Sometimes we dismiss young people as not having enough experience in life to really understand
the difficulties of changing things… but some of these people have far more experience than some of the people making decisions affecting them.”