YFG calls on TII to abandon plans to increase toll charges in 2024.

YFG calls on TII to abandon plans to increase toll charges in 2024.

YFG calls on Transport Infrastructure Ireland to abandon their recently announced plans to increase toll charges on National Roads, the M50 and the Dublin Port Tunnel for 2024. YFG believes that increased toll charges are wholly inappropriate in the current climate owing to the increased cost of living which is already severely affecting drivers and commuters.

YFG recognises that there are many students and young workers currently commuting into Dublin from outside the capital each day due to the high cost of rents in the capital at the moment. An increase in toll charges on the M50 alone would see these commuters pay between €31 and €43 a week on tolls before tolls on the M1, M3 and M4 are taken into account (Tolls which have already increased in the past year).

YFG President Eoghan Gallagher stated that “These increases will drive commuters from outside of Dublin mad and disproportionately effect young workers and students travelling from outside large urban centres”. The Galway man added that “we could potentially see increased congestion in small towns and villages across the country a drivers seek to save their hard earned money on tolls”.

Furthermore, YFG believes that our motorway network has greatly benefitted Ireland since their development and that they have boosted connectivity between Dublin and the regions as well as giving further opportunity to increased rural and regional development. Whilst there have been great advancements made in the provision of public transport in recent years many people in these areas are still reliant on cars and it’d be unfair to penalise those who have no option but to commute.

In light of these circumstances YFG circumstances and considering that €169.6million was generated by the M50 alone last year, which accounts for around 50% of the total takings, YFG believes that there are sufficient funds already being generated for the maintenance of our road network with increasing tolls.