YFG Calls for the Introduction of Compulsory Foreign Language Learning in the Primary School Curriculum

Young Fine Gael is calling on the Government to introduce compulsory foreign language learning in the primary school curriculum. The organisation believes that a person’s capacity to learn a new language can diminish with age, and therefore the younger one starts, the greater their ability to master the language.

YFG believes that by increasing a child’s multilingualism, this will allow them to greater benefit from all that membership of the European Union has to offer: education, travel and ERASMUS Programmes.

In 2016, in 16 of the European Union’s Member States, over three quarters of the adult working-age population reported that they knew at least one other foreign language. In Ireland, this number was below 65%.

The proposal is included in Young Fine Gael’s Pre-Budget Submission:┬áStriving for Progress, which was unveiled at the end of August.