YFG is the politically autonomous youth wing of the Fine Gael party, maintaining its independence to express the views of young people. As an organisation, it is committed to the values of the Fine Gael party – equality of opportunity, enterprise and reward, safety and security in our society, while insisting integrity and hope are at the core of the organisation’s actions. YFG allows young people drive political change in this country.

It is vital for Ireland’s future that young people are given a voice in shaping future government policy – you can use your voice to effect change in Ireland through YFG. Policy motions proposed by individual branches and passed at YFG Summer Schools and National Conferences can be sent to Fine Gael’s Árd Fheis and brought to the attention of the relevant Minister and Department.

We can, and do, make the government act upon YFG policy and we want you, as a new member, to help us.

YFG is an organisation with a network of thousands of members nationwide, and an unrivalled programme of social events, policy discussions, political events, nights out, and weekends away. So, as well as an opportunity to voice your opinion on the issues, policies and campaigns that matter to you, you get a packed social life into the bargain. Joining YFG is a great way to make friends and get actively involved in college life.

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• Payment for YFG membership is a €5 (Non-college branch) €2 (College Branch) annual fee.
• Members can join both a college and a non-college branch.
• Joining your non-college branch is no additional cost, but you will only begin to qualify for voting rights in that branch if you join in time before end April annually, or if you re-affiliate at the end of April, having joined in the middle of the membership year.
• If you do not wish to make an online payment, to download the paper form.

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