Labour's New Policy is Fine Gael reform policy for Slow Learners

Speaking about Labour's new policy document "New Government, Better Government" Young Fine Gael (YFG) President, Eric

Keane, said: "The document described by Labour leader Eamon Gilmore as 'the most comprehensive plan to transform, government, politics and the public service, ever published by any political party in the history of the state' is merely Fine Gael policy for slow learners".

"Large amounts of the document are a mere carbon copy of Fine Gael's "Reinventing Government" and "New Politics" documents.

'Similarities' include:

· Abolishing the Seanad

· The introduction of the "Ten Minute Rule" which would allow backbenchers introduce bills is a copy of New Politics

· The proposed FG 'Independent Fiscal Council' has been imaginatively renamed by Labour as the 'Independent Fiscal Advisory Council'

· Labour's new structures for introducing the budget are almost identical to those in New Politics and Reinventing Government

· A Register of Lobbyists and a Whistleblowers charter are the same as New Politics

· Labour want a dedicated Minister at cabinet in relation to Reform, the same as FG from Reinventing Government

· Labour's "Constitutional Convention" is largely based on New Politics "Citizens Assembly".

"The Labour document is very aspirational in tone but does not include decisive action points. For example, Fine Gael will abolish 150 quangos yet Labour wants a "review". Labour clearly doesn't want to take any tough stances this side of the election.

"It is becoming more clear that a fresh Fine Gael majority government is the only government that will make the hard decisions to get the country out of the mess it's in. We do not need the politics of cut and paste and hiding behind majority partners when hard decisions are needed."

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