Waterford Young Fine Gael reiterates call for 80kmph ORR Speed Limit

Waterford Young Fine Gael reiterates call for 80kmph ORR Speed Limit

Waterford Young Fine Gael (Waterford YFG) are today reiterating their call for Waterford City Council to increase the speed limit on the outer ring road from its current limit of 60km/hr to 80km/hr. A motion in the name of Fine Gael Cllr. John Cummins at the February council meeting sparked much debate in the chamber and has brought the issue to the fore once again.

Given the size and straightness of the road, the current speed restriction seems utterly unfair. Since the introduction of the metric system in 2005, National primary roads were set at 100km per hour and regional roads were set at 80km per hour; so why should a new dual carriageway be subject to such a slow pace? A number of link roads off the dual carriageway have speed limits of 80km per hour and are in a much poorer condition – blind bends, narrower, and poor quality road surface conditions. Waterford YFG strongly believes such roads should have their speed limits reduced to 60km/hr.

Waterford YFG Chairperson, Lauren Traynor, today said:

"The outer ring road was designed for a speed of 70km/hr yet is subject to a limit of 60km/hr. This is lower than regional roads around Waterford that are in much poorer condition and have speed limits of 80km/hr. The only thing a 60km/hr limit achieves is making motorists frustrated.

The Gardai did their own study on the road and stated that the average maximum speed of motorists on the road is 70km/hr and yet there has still been no major accident on the road. Waterford YFG calls upon the city council to vote in favour of the proposed speed limit when the motion comes before them again. "

With opinion in the council clearly split, Waterford Young Fine Gael also raised their concerns about councillors who in private agreed with their survey while publically coming out and ridiculing any suggestion of increasing the speed limit.

"It is absolute hypocritical of Cllr. Mary Roche to be calling on the speed limit to remain as it is when she herself signed a Waterford YFG petition calling for the speed limit to be increased and spoke with us giving her full support for our call. Is it any wonder why young people are disillusioned with the political system when we have councillors saying one thing in private and then coming out publically and saying the complete opposite?" said Ms. Traynor.

What has us even more flabbergasted is when Cllr. Roche was contacted by one local Waterford City resident, who was indicating his support for the proposed increase, she made a completely unfair remark against Cllr. Cummins over his age and as such made a sweeping generalisation about young people and their driving habits. This is how Cllr. Roche characterised young drivers and Cllr. Cummins – 'I am not surprised that a 22 year old councillor is persuaded that it should be faster. I am not.'

Her email was disclosed in full, along with other City Councillor responses, on the Waterford City section of the popular Irish discussion website, Boards.ie.

Waterford YFG is calling on Cllr. Roche to withdraw this statement and make an immediate full unreservedly apology for painting all Young people with the same brush.



Lauren Traynor

Waterford City Young Fine Gael Chairperson


Kevin O'Sullivan

Waterford City Young Fine Gael PRO


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