Time for an immediate General Election

Time for the Fianna Fail circus to pitch up and go

Young FG President, Eric Keane said "the decision by Brian Cowen to resign as leader of Fianna Fáil and remain on as Taoiseach represents Fianna Fáil's last ditch attempt to hang onto power.

"For the last three weeks our country has been without a government. Every new day brought a new scandal for Fianna Fáil, a new distraction, where Fianna Fáil abandoned government in favour of fighting each other.

"We need an immediate General Election so that a new Fine Gael government can begin the job of fixing our country and getting people back to work.

"The longer Fianna Fáil is in power the more of a laughing stock they make of our country. It is time for a new government and a fresh start. It is time for an election.

"Brian Cowen has decided that saving Fianna Fail is more important than saving the Country. If he's not capable of leading an incompetent party, how is he capable of leading a broken Country? Call an immediate election now and let this Country have a Government which it deserves and needs".

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