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Summer School 2011 - News - Young Fine Gael

Summer School 2011

Young Fine Gael Summer School is taking place in Galway this weekend 8th-10th July

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Whip System should be reformed for Non-Budgetary Votes

A proposal that the whip system be relaxed in the case of non-budgetary votes will be under discussion at the Young Fine Gael (YFG) Summer School in Galway City this weekend (July 8th – 10th).

YFG President, Eric Keane, said: "The strong whip system means that the Dáil does not adequately serve its function as a debating chamber. Dissent, concern or disagreement by a member risks them losing their place in their respective parliamentary parties, and having to break strong ties with Party membership

"Given the result of the vast majority of votes is a foregone conclusion, it is natural that deputies on all sides of the house resort to reading prepared speeches, rather than engaging in debate. A change in this would strengthen the role of the Dáil, which is a comparatively weak legislature.

"All parties need to change their policy on the use of the whip. Very few other democracies apply the most severe whip for all votes. Bizarrely, the whip is used for the most minor procedural votes in the Dáil."

A motion regarding the whip system has been put forward by the YFG National Executive for discussion by 200 delegates during a session on political reform.

Following intense and detailed negotiations with our European partners over the past few months to secure an Irish seat on the board, it was announced in Brussels that Mr. Lauder would be uncontested. The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and Minister Lucinda Creighton generously assisted and advised during the long negotiation period.

Nuclear Power may be Necessary

A proposal that Ireland develops a viable nuclear power option will be debated at the Young Fine Gael (YFG) Summer School in Galway city this weekend (July 8th – 10th)

YFG President, Eric Keane, said: "With the price of energy going in steadily upward direction, the price of electricity, gas and oil will be one of the greatest economic challenges facing the next generation. Many believe that Ireland will not be able to meet our energy needs based solely on conventional fuels and renewable energy.

"Nuclear power needs to be considered when planning where to source energy in the future. I anticipate a lively debate on the issue at Summer School because young people recognise that the price of electricity and fuel will be one of the most important issues for families, business and governments of the future.

"Ireland lies at the end of long oil and gas pipelines that are completely out of our control and science has not provided us with a fully reliable source of renewable energy. It is therefore necessary to consider the nuclear option".

Young FG Propose the Recognition of Marriage for Same Sex Couples

A proposal that same sex couples be given the right to marriage will be under discussion at the Young Fine Gael (YFG) Summer School in Galway City this weekend (July 8th – 10th).

YFG President, Eric Keane, said: "This proposal would mean that there would be no difference between a union of a heterosexual and a homosexual couple. While homosexual couples are currently entitled to enter into a civil union, they are not granted the same rights and responsibilities that go with a conventional marriage.

"This would mean that homosexual couples would be allowed to adopt in the future. The way the law is at present a gay man or woman can legitimately and successfully apply to adopt a child but bizarrely the State will not allow a gay couple to apply to adopt a child.

Nuclear Power may be Necessary
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