Ogra FF Jobs Proposals a Re-Hash Of Varadkar’s Ideas

FF youth copy proposals directly from FG document

"Speaking about the launch of Ógra Fianna Fáil's proposals to "Combat Youth Unemployment" Young Fine Gael President Barry Walsh said: "They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

"If that's true, then Ógra are heaping flattery on Fine Gael by the bucket-full by producing a set of policies on jobs which is mostly cogged from Leo Varadkar's "Hope for a Lost Generation". This strong endorsement of Fine Gael policy by the FF youth wing needs to be pointed out to the public.

"Leo Varadkar's document, launched in December 2009, contains proposals to create: Graduate internship placements, second chance education scheme placements, extra Community Employment Scheme (CES) places and 10,000 jobs to be retained through a Government supported workshare scheme

"All of these measures are repeated in the Ógra document, however with one major oversight: - they are not costed.

"It has taken Ógra Fianna Fáil three years to wake up to the unemployment crisis caused by the incompetence of their elder party members. Thankfully, now that they are awake, they've realised that Fine Gael's policies are the best solution to this crisis."

Note: Link to Fine Gael document available here: http://www.finegael.org/upload/Hope%20for%20a%20Lost%20Generation.pdf

Link to OFF document here: http://issuu.com/ografiannafail/docs/youth_unemployment__final_

Similarities: Leo Varadkar's document, launched in December 2009, contains proposals to create:

Government supported workshare scheme – repeated page 17 Ógra document and called "job sharing" rather than "work sharing".

The Fine Gael document states "Fine Gael is impressed by the Kurtzarbeitgeld and WorkShare policies in Germany and the United States". The Ógra document states "Ógra Fianna Fáil are proposing a radical job sharing scheme, similar to WorkShare which exists across the US and Germany".

Graduate internship placements in public, private and voluntary sectors – repeated page 8 Ógra document.

The Fine Gael document states: "We believe that there is a strong case for allowing unemployed graduates to take up positions in the public sector as interns". The Ógra document proposes a programme "aimed at the personal and professional development of Irish graduates who want to gain experience in the Public Sector (Civil and Public Service)".

Community Employment Scheme (CES) places – repeated page 21 Ógra document.

The Fine Gael document states that CES places "can provide support for NGOs and other voluntary organisations that cannot afford to hire staff". The Ógra document repeats that the scheme would "empower community, voluntary and non-profit bodies to tackle employment in their areas". The document goes on to repeat Fine Gael's proposals that Local Authorities control these schemes.

Second chance education scheme placement – similar scheme repeated throughout pages 10 – 13 Ógra document.

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