Labour all at sea

Labour's stance on Public Sector is confused

This election campaign will need to be about the future, not the past. It must also be about political parties telling people the truth and being honest about the policies they will pursue if given the mandate to govern. That is the way Fine Gael will approach this election and that is the way Fine Gael will act in government. Unfortunately, it seems we are alone in this.

Richard Bruton TD has described Labour's stance on the public service as confused.

Mr. Bruton stated that "Fine Gael's proposal is to massively reform the public sector by making it smaller, cheaper and better, thereby allowing us to keep taxes low, which will in turn stimulate the economy and create jobs.

"The only alternative to Fine Gael's approach is to leave inefficiencies in place and raise more and more taxes. This will kill the prospects for recovery.

"Eamon Gilmore wants to fudge the changes necessary, and has gone on to distort what Fine Gael is proposing.

"With the Government spending 50% more than what it rises in taxes, it must become smaller. If you refuse to shrink the size of the Government, you only have one alternative, and that is to raise taxes.

"This is what the Labour Party is advocating. It is committed to excessive tax rises. Labour's proposal for a 48% income tax would see some people paying a combined tax rate of 59%. That won't promote job creation.

"Labour has also committed to shrinking the public sector by 20,000 members, yet now appears to be pulling back from this policy. Clearly the party is all at sea on this issue.

"This will not convince anyone. We need to be honest with voters at this crucial time, when the options on the table are so limited.

"Every €1 billion in improved efficiency means you are not forced to hit frontline entitlements. Labour would like to see savings in public spending, but is not willing to commit to how much, or how. Labour wants to please those in the Social Partnership system who have stalled reform for years."

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