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Job Creation Central to Agenda at Garret FitzGerald Summer School Held in Kilkenny - News - Young Fine Gael

Job Creation Central to Agenda at Garret FitzGerald Summer School Held in Kilkenny

Young Fine Gael (YFG) members were focused on job creation and the possible actions that government can take at their Garret FitzGerald Summer School held this weekend in Kilkenny City.

Members of YFG voted in favour of a resolution on developing Regional Economic Blueprints, considered the results of the YFG Survey on Job Creation, and held a seminar called Job Creation Creates Ireland's Future.

The resolution session was Chaied by Deputy John Paul Phenal and included a discussion on how to address the regional imbalances that exist between geographical areas in Ireland. The detail of the resolution highlights important actions for local and central Irish government, including bringing in 5, 10, 15, and 20 year plans, incorporating youth unemployment measures in these plans and lobbying for an Economic Blueprint for each EU region.
Speakers in the Job Creation seminar, chaired by Minister Phil Hogan, spoke about the importance for managing risk and failure in education and entrepreneurship and how both of these elements are vital to fostering entrepreneurship in Ireland among young people. Members followed the seminar, by voting for Job Seeker's Benefit to be extended to the self-employed sector.

The seminar entitled Job Creation Creates Ireland's Future was chaired by Minister Phil Hogan and members were addressed by and interacted with Olwen Dawe, Irish Business Intelligence; Vincent Cleary, Glenisk; Jim Power, economist; and Sean Kyne, TD. This seminar featured speakers expertise in job creation and entrepreneurship, talking practically about their vision for improved job creation and how their experiences can feed into job creation policy. The speakers covered diverse ideas like encouraging entrepreneurship among young people, the role of government in job creation, the success of the Jobs Action Plan, how to create more jobs in food production, and what the economy needs most to foster job creation.
Speaking at Langtons House Hotel, Minister Phil Hogan said:

"As Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, I'm changing the manner in which local services are delivered to businesses and the general public to ensure they are efficient, effective and competitive in order to assist local job creation. The Local Government Reform and Water Services Reform programmes are all about Putting People First and helping to create local employment."

"Entrepreneurship and the development of SME potential is central to Ireland's economic recovery – while traditionally FDI companies have driven economic growth, Ireland's natural entrepreneurial and creative talent has really come to the fore of late – and further growth across this sector will make a defining contribution to recovery, stability and growth, said Olwen Dawe, entrepreneurship expert from Irish Business Intelligance.

"I would think we as a country need to accentuate the positives but we need to demonstrate to the rest of the world that we can think outside the box. In the food industry specifically, we need recognise the need to be the best at what we do and convey that message appropriately like innovative marketing techniques – I have seen good products in the past fail because their innovative attributes were not adequately communicated to the user. We need to set the bar high and set minimum standards, each new product needs to be better than the last. Research and Development should be key, Governmental Policy and Entrepreneurism should be encouraged in young people, along with marketing skills. Governmental bodies (Bord Bia, Enterprise Ireland, Enterprise Bodies) need joined-up thinking to pursue common goals in excellence. The highest standard should be the common denominator as opposed to what I would see currently as the "it'll do" approach being used as the benchmark," Vincent Cleary from Glenisk.

"Unemployment is the greatest evil currently besetting the Irish economy and the Euro Zone economy in general. It has to become the priority for policy makers and should become their mantra. It is not the role of government to create jobs but rather to create the environment where risk-takers and entrepreneurs are given the incentive to create jobs. Specifically, the costs of doing business must be controlled – commercial rates and local authority charges must be reduced. There must also be a heavy focus on investment in education and in IT capability, particularly high quality broadband. I fear that both of these are currently being sacrificed at the altar of fiscal austerity – this would represent a major policy mistake with long-tern disastrous consequences. In the short-term, initiatives such as an extension of the 9% VAT rate in tourism and an incentive scheme for car scrappage would be desirable. A reduction in the tax burden would also be very beneficial," said Jim Power, economist from Friends First.

"Consultation is the cornerstone of the success of the Action Plan for Jobs. By listening and engaging, public representatives can help with creation of the plans which will get our people back to work. Having impacted heavily on younger citizens, Young Fine Gael can provide the perfect conduit to tell Government what's working, what's not and perhaps what should be included in the fight against the Jobs Crisis," Sean Kyne TD said.

The details of the resolution can be found here.

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