Calleary Needs Less Talk and More Action

Minister of State, Dara Calleary's comments in today's Irish Times (5 January 2011) smack of hypocrisy and arrogance.

Young Fine Gael President, Eric Keane, described the Minister's comments as "arrogant and hypocritical. Mr. Calleary stated that a member of the "Ógra generation" of Fianna Fáil should take over as leader of the party after the election because they would be ina position to "articulate" the concerns of the younger generation best.

"Mr. Calleary claims to be a voice for younger people and that he and the other youngsters in Fianna Fáil are in the best position to 'articulate their concerns'. Then why, as Minister for Labour Affairs along with his Ógra colleagues has he failed to stop the mass emigration of young people from Ireland? How can he or any other member of Fianna Fáil claim to represent Young Ireland when the Government almost sees emigration as a solution to their problems and not as the greatest threat to our future that it is?

"The only party which truly represents the Youth of Ireland is Fine Gael. Fine Gael is the only party where the young generation of Ireland is heard and well represented. Many young and talented people continue to play a major role in shaping Fine Gael's policy for rebuilding Ireland including Deputy Leo Varadkar and Deputy Lucinda Creighton. Hope for a Lost Generation is a Fine Gael policy aimed solely at Young Ireland, I would ask the Minister where have his policies for stemming the tide of emigration been when in the last 18 months over 150,000 young people left our shores?

"Young Deputies and Senators in Fine Gael are at the forefront of developing the policies which will fix our country and stem the tide of youth emigration. Órga Fianna Fáilers spend their time queuing up for the leaders chair which goes to show what 'young' Fianna Fáil has to offer this country.

"The Minister should talk less about protecting Young Ireland and start doing it, start being the representative he makes himself out to be, stop them for emigrating, provide them with jobs that is how you represent Young Ireland".

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