Young Fine Gaelers before Young Fine Gael

Young people played an important role in Fine Gael as normal members of Fine Gael branches, as canvassers and developing policy even before the founding of Young Fine Gael. In the 1930s, Young Blueshirts, the youth wing of the Army Comrades Association, scuffled with members from the anti-Treaty I.R.A., young members of Fianna Fáil at election time...
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Why Fine Gael lost the Local Elections

Personal Opinon Blog Post from YFG Member Dan McInerney -  Positivity, Positivity, Positivity – The message the Government should have been shouting from the rooftops in the weeks running up to May 23rd. Instead, the Fine Gael army of candidates young and old were forced to walk a minefield, laid down by their own “Sergeant Majors” Canvasser...
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The European Commission, Democratic Legitimacy and Jean-Claude Juncker

Blog Post from YFG International Secretary Eoin O'Driscoll If one common trend can be identified in last month's European Parliament elections it has been the surging support for euroskeptic parties across the continent. UKIP in Britain, the Front Nationale in France, the True Finns in Finland, Syriza and Golden Dawn in Greece, the Geert Wilders P...
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YFG Blog - One Member Making a Difference

Blog Post from YFG Member James Bohan So many times I have been asked what do I do as an ordinary member of Young Fine Gael. Most naively believe that we do nothing. This is not true. This is evident in the recent Fair Fares campaign. A few months back, members received an email about a meeting between the YFG executive and the Minister for Trans...
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YFG Blog - Youth Political Apathy: Ireland and Spain; one Union, worlds apart

Blog Post from YFG Member, MJ Murphy (Wexford YFG) A member of Young Fine Gael can easily say that we should not waste our ballot when we go to the polls on Election Day, but, when we step back and look at other situations not too far from home, we should consider ourselves lucky. The Irish political system works well, in the sense of allowing sma...
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